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Insurance Products

Accidental Death Insurance

Can protect you 24 hours a day in the event of your death as a result of an accident. Combined with Dismemberment Coverage, an AD&D policy can provide comprehensive personal accident protection… Read more

Common Carrier Insurance

Common Carrier Insurance offers broader travel protection as it covers any type of public transportation. Whether on an airplane, bus, train, or cruise you are covered. An accident can happen anywhere and at any time, and as passengers we are more exposed, why not give yourself and your family travel security. Read more

Flight Accident Insurance

Flight Accident Insurance provides valuable insurance coverage while flying commercially. Low cost protection against an unexpected air flight accident. Flight accident insurance offers high insurance limits paying a lump sum benefit in the event of death or dismemberment. Additional coverage is available for Private Aircraft Passengers. Read more

3-2-1 Accidental Death Insurance

The 3-2-1 High-Limit Accidental Death Insurance plan offers a unique approach to accident insurance. Offering $3 million in Flight Accident coverage, $2 million in Common Carrier and $1 Million in 24/7 Protection which covers any accident. In the event of death the beneficiary recieves from $3 Million to $1Million depending on which coverage applies as a result of a covered accident. (Purchase one policy & receive all 3 coverages) . Read more

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance is specialized insurance designed for individuals and businesses that live or work in high risk areas around the world. Includes a crisis management & response team… Read more

Disability Insurance

Personal Disability Insurance allows people to continue living in the manner to which they have become accustomed. If a person is insured adequately, they can continue living comfortably in the face of a temporary or permanent disability. Read more

Pilot Insurance

This insurance provides disability benefits in the form of a lump sum or monthly payments if you are prevented from flying temporarily or permanently due to accident or illness. Read more

Professional Liability Insurance

Essential liability insurance for professionals in the medical and healthcare industry. Read more

Travel Insurance

Planning a trip? Get a free travel insurance quote along with instant proof of coverage by clicking here

Cyber Protection Insurance

Business disruption coverage in the event your system and data are compromised as a result of a data breach or cyber attack. Read more

Yacht Insurance

Navigate the sea with peace of mind and protect your vessel, yourself and those on board with a comprehensive yacht policy from the leaders in marine insurance. Read more

Fine Art Insurance

Insurance for a variety of fine art risks. From private collections, corporate or professional dealers, to large gallery exhibits. Read more

Equine Insurance

Equine insurance protects your horse(s) and investment from death, theft, accident, medical risks and much more. Read more

OverHead Expenses

Owner disability insurance that keeps your company’s lights on, office expenses paid and employees happy in the event you become disable. Read more

Impaired Risk Life Insurance

Individuals with adverse medical histories or health conditions can have a difficult time obtaining much needed life insurance. We may be able to help find coverage. Read more

Hole in One Insurance

Hole in One Insurance is a type of prize indemnity insurance offered to golf tournament sponsors who announce valuable prizes for participants who make a hole in one Read more


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