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Insurance Claims

Frecuently Asked Questions

How is a claim made?
In the first instance, the Insured Person (or their estate) should contact their broker.Thereafter, Atlas Underwriters Claims department in conjunction with Underwriters Claims unit will handle the claim.

How long will it take for payment to be made?
This is dependent upon the type and nature of the loss. However, if all information is provided promptly and the claims department is satisfied with the information provided to substantiate the claim, it may be paid within 14 days of claim approval.

What proof is required to substantiate a claim?
This is dependent upon the claim. However, in the event of death, a Death Certificate and claim form would be required.

Can claim payments be made overseas to an offshore account?
Yes, but this is very much subject to the Law and regulation of the territory where the Policy was issued and the reason and rationale behind this request.

Conditions & General terms

We will not be bound by an assignment either of this Policy or of any claim under this Policy unless we receive a written assignment before we pay the benefits claimed. We will not be responsible for the validity of any assignment

Notice of any change in the Insured Person’s occupation must be given to us within 30 days of the change. We will acknowledge such change of occupation in writing and make whatever change in Policy conditions and terms we may require.

Failure to notify us of such change of occupation may result in a reduction of benefit as a result of any Accident arising out of or in the course of that occupation.

Written notice of a claim must be given to us within 30 days after an Accident, which causes or may cause a loss covered by this Policy, or as soon thereafter asreasonably possible. Notice given by you or your representative to our representative as stated In the Schedule, with sufficient information to identify the Insured Person and a brief description of the Accident, shall be deemed notice to us. We will send you or your representative proof of loss forms after we have received written notice of a claim.

Proof of loss forms must be completed and given to us within 60 days of the Accident

We, at our expense, following notice of a claim, have the right to have the Insured Person examined by a physician or vocational expert of our choice. This right may be exercised as often as reasonably required. In the event of such Insured Persons death, we have the right to have his/her body examined and an autopsy performed unless prohibited by law

We reserve the right not to make payment on a claim if:

- a false statement or omission in your application for this Policy would have materially affected our decision to issue you this coverage for the premium and on the terms described in this Policy.

- in the making of any claim hereunder, there shall be fraud, mis-statement concealment, or criminal act by you or the Insured Person,

All benefit payments under this Policy will be made in the currency of US$ dollar.