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Corporate Kidnap and Ransom Insurance (K&R)

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Can Protect Your Employees and Your Business
Kidnapping, extortion, and wrongful detention are very real dangers for corporations operating in certain parts of the world. A company’s ability to analyze its exposure and take appropriate steps to protect its employees, assets, and operations becomes critical. Kidnap and ransom insurance helps manage such risks by providing the financial means to cover a range of losses and expenses in the event of kidnapping or extortion.

Corporate Kidnap and Ransom Benefits

  • Ransom demand
  • Loss in transit/delivery
  • Employee wage/salary replacement
  • Employee relocation
  • Employee medical Expenses
  • Business Interruption
  • Employee death benefit
  • Legal costs to the company
  • Crisis management fees

As competition drives businesses into more unstable regions, corporations large and small can be targets for kidnapping, ransom and extortion schemes.

Access to Crisis Response Specialists

A kidnap and ransom policy provides invaluable access to crisis management and resolution teams. Crisis response professionals are assigned to advise and help manage every phase of the incident until the threat is resolved.

Crisis Prevention & Management

Crisis response professionals are available to provide pre-incident briefings to the company’s upper management so that the necessary security protocols are in place in order to reduce a business’s vulnerability. However covered employees are usually unaware of the existing kidnap insurance.

Kidnap and ransom insurance is designed to minimize the financial, legal and public relations impact such threats can have on your firm. It is a necessary asset for a company to carry, since many do not have the capabilities or the resources to handle a kidnap for ransom or extortion threat.


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