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Automatic approval is only available for residents of
Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru.

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4. Do you have any other Accidental Death (AD&D) coverage inforce?
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How many hours flown in last 12 months?
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Type of license held
License date of issue
Do you hold a valid instrument rating?
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Total hours flown as a pilot/crew member
Total hours flown last 24 months
Total hours expected to fly next 12 months
Date of last flight
What aircraft do you currently fly (full description)
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Flight transport
Sight seeing
Stunt flying
Commercial photography
Flight instructor
Crop dusting
Medical Certificate
Date of last renewal of certificate
Has your medical certificate ever been denied?
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Have you even been in an accident, been fined or grounded for a violation or air relations? (No/ If Yes, Please explain)
Please describe any other additional flying experience not mentioned above
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