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Medical Expenses Coverage

Description of coverage:

In the event of an accident, this additional coverage rider extends your standard Accidental death coverage to include Medical, Surgical, Specialist's Fees, Hospital, Nursing Home, Nursing Attendance Charges, Costs of Physiotherapy, Massage and Manipulative Treatment, Surgical and Medical Requisites, up to but not exceeding the selected Sum Insured shown in the Schedule in respect of such Insured Person as may have sustained accidental bodily injury.

Medical Expenses coverage can provide that extra cushion to cover Medical Expenses and Repatriation Expenses when the insured survives a horrific accident.

Things to know about Medical Expenses coverage:

  • Children under 14 days of age are excluded.
  • All valid claims will include a USD $150 deductible
  • This coverage includes Repatriation Expenses
  • Coverage maximum is 10% of Sum insured up to $100,000


What is Repatriation Expenses coverage:

In the event of a valid claim being accepted under this insurance, and the Insured Person is outside of their normal Country of Domicile, this insurance is extended to include accidental Bodily Injury which independently of any other cause shall necessitate the repatriation of the Insured Person, the Underwriters will indemnify the Assured up to the Sum Insured shown in the Schedule in respect of reasonable travelling expenses incurred for the repatriation of the Insured Person or in the case of death reasonable funeral expenses and expenses incurred in transporting the body or ashes and in making the necessary arrangements.