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Hazardous Countries Coverage

As corporations continue to expand, many employees and professionals must now travel to remote and unstable regions for work, exposing themselves to terrorism, war, or political unrest.

What most professionals find is that their existing insurance coverage excludes territories considered hazardous countries or war zones.

Who should consider Hazardous Country coverage:

  • International Construction Companies working in war zone areas
  • International private security firms servicing companies and individuals working in thesehostile parts of the world.
  • Special agents
  • Anyone who has or will be traveling to a warzone area

For companies and individualsoperating in high risk areas, our high limit accidental death insurance plan can extend coverage for any of the following countries:

Afghanistan Iraq North Korea
Algeria Israel - Palestine/West Bank/Gaza Strip Pakistan
Bahrain Ivory Coast Somalia
Burundi Kenya South Sudan
Central African Republic Lebanon Sudan
Chad Libya Syria
Iran Nigeria Yemen