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Impaired Risk Life Insurance

People with adverse medical histories or health conditions can have a difficult time obtaining life insurance coverage without the proper underwriting. Most Life insurance companies today, do have impaired risk-underwriting guidelines to evaluate applicants with certain health risks. However, with most impaired risk applications a grouped or bucket underwriting approach is applied, usually resulting in a declination.

With many of the medical advances in treating and controlling conditions such as asthma, cancer, coronary artery disease, depression, and diabetes just to name a few, the importance of underwriting on a per case or clinical basis is essentially the difference between a satisfactory offer or declination for the client.

We can help evaluate and find the best offer:

Asthma Coronary artery disease. Atrial fibrillation.
Diabetes Bladder cancer Depression
Breast cancer Elevated liver function tests. Prostate cancer
Hepatitis C Thyroid cancer Stroke/TIA
Build (Height & Weight) Sleep apnea Cerebrovascular disease

Atlas Underwriters has a strong network of insurance companies and experienced underwriters to shop and evaluate any impaired risk application.